Your most prized possession must be kept safe when not in use and motorcycle security provides the solution to that problem.
Motorcycle security choices range from above ground anchors to disc locks with alarms to heavy duty steel chains with quattro locking mechanisms.
There are many options for motorcycle security;
as they say,
lock it or lose it.

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A 128 bit encription makes MY MOTO controller virtually inposibble to be hack.

Easy install on EVERY model motorcycle
In a world where security is a necessity and convenience in high demand, keyless technology is the perfect security solution. My Moto will eliminate your bike’s Ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using a key. My Moto lets ANY year make or model motorcycle owner go Keyless!
No keys to hassle with, No buttons to push, just absolute convenience and powerful security. Simply open My Motoapp and press Start Engine. When you’re ready to ride, and GO! When your ride is over, just loock your motorcycle and just walk away . . .
Installation is easy! Simply connect your existing Ignition switch wires to the My Moto cotroller, then two final connections to the wires from your Run / Stop switch, attach a ground and installation is complete.